Post-COVID-19: new legal reality

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Post-COVID-19: new legal reality

21 July 2020

Valery Narezhny, Ph.D., Counsel, Dmitry Rusakov, Brand Protection Group Leader (both with Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow) made presentations at the conference “Post-COVID-19: new legal reality” organized by the online edition

As part of his report "The Internet Sales Market and the Specifics of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic" Dmitry Rusakov spoke about the changes in the Internet sales market in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the peculiarities of the Internet commerce market after the pandemic, noticed the fact that fraudsters have become more active in the Internet and explained how to protect ones intellectual property rights.

Valery Narezhny presented the report "The Law on Termination of Lease Agreements without Fines: Comments of Both Sides of the Lease Market", in which he revealed the essence of the new law, the pros and cons of its adoption, the consequences of such termination for the tenant and the lessor, and also speculated about the prospects of litigation on early termination.