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Webinar “Law on the early termination of the lease: who wins and who loses?”

11 June 2020

Valery Narezhny, Ph.D., Counsel at Gorodissky & Partners (Moscow), conducted a webinar “Law on early termination of the lease: who will win and who will lose?” organized by Gorodissky & Partners.

Valery disclosed the nuances of the recently adopted law "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation with the Purpose of Taking Urgent Measures to Ensure Sustainable Development of the Economy and Preventing the Consequences of the Spread of a New Coronavirus Infection," regarding the relationship between tenants and lessors, and answered urgent questions from the audience.

The most discussion was caused by the provision introduced by this law on the temporary (until October 1, 2020) tenant's right under certain conditions to unilaterally withdraw from the lease without paying fines to the lessor and covering losses caused by such termination.